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For Lightroom users, making use of developing presets can be an incredible method to reduce the measure of time you spend in Lightroom. Regarding presets, you can either make your own or utilise those made by others. There are a lot of excellent presets accessible for purchase. In addition, there are numerous presets that we can download for free among which a free  Lavender Pop preset is one of them.

In particular, here you can discover more than 100s Free Lightroom Presets that will start your innovativeness and bring your photographs to the next level. Free Lightroom presets are the perfect quick editing solution for those who want to save a little time, but don’t want to spend big amounts on the presets for purchase on the web.

Download the Free Lavender Pop Lightroom Preset

Here, you can download a Free Lavender Pop Preset for Lightroom. Lavender Pop Lightroom presets are perfect for portrait photography. It gives us a pleasantly dark and Lavender Pop look. Hence, you can upgrade and characterize your subject with this lovely single-click preset.

This preset is adjustable and free to use. Simply, go through the edited setting and it can be changed according to your desire. You need basic information about Lightroom presets to import these presets. On the off chance that you think you don’t know how to import presets? Be that as it may, don’t stress over it you can get it from the last part of our page. This Lavender Pop preset is designed by genius photographers and experts of the Lightroom preset which is high in quality and free of cost.

Likewise, you can see the effect of the given Lavender Pop Preset after applied in the photograph given underneath:

Lavender Pop

You can see the difference in the given photograph before and after applying the preset.

The feature of these presets are:

  • It works with just a single click.
  • Has easily editable effects.
  • It gives high-quality results.
  • Also, it is compatible even with .png, .jpg and .raw images.
  • Most importantly, you can without much of a stretch adjust the settings to suit a specific photograph.

What’s inside?

  • There is a Lightroom preset for mobile ( .dng formats )
  • This preset has a total of eleven different shades.

After using this Lightroom preset, you don’t have to begin without any preparation. You can simply alter and tweak all that you imagine that necessities changing to your pictures. Also, you can download these assortments of Lightroom preset from the download button.


1: At first, download the preset (.dng file) into your phone.

2: Open the Lightroom mobile cc app.

3: Firstly, create a new album. Go to your newly created album, then click on add photos symbol. Select the downloaded .dng file from your device.

4: After uploading the .dng file in Lightroom mobile, click on that file then click on the (…) Settings Button.

5: Click on the Copy Settings and click on the tick () option.

6: Tap the (…) settings button once more, and then select the Create Preset choice.

7: Write the name you want to assign to that preset, then click on the tick () option. Now, you can use the created preset in any picture you like.


6: Select a picture you want to edit in Mobile Lightroom. Then, click on the (…) Settings Button and click on the Paste Settings.

If you want to use the preset more often, then you can follow steps 6 and 7 from the above options.

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